Cloud Based Payroll Processing ERP​​

Its time to say goodbye to duplication, confusion of excel files, delay in payday and inconsistencies! Start processing through BizHRS creating savings in costs, accurate data & improved transparency.


Management Dashboard

BizHRS provides the real-time and powerful dashboards to management wherein various reports like Broader picture of salary expenses, employees attrition rate, increase in salary % etc. can be understood by just a glance at it.

Manage Leaves & Real Time Attendance

From application to approval, leave workflows through our HRMS make it easy to manage leaves.When an employee submits a leave request, an notification is sent to the manager for them to approve or reject. BizHRS ESS allows you to apply, view and update attendance, shift details and Over Time (OT).

Statutory Deductions & Formats

Our HRMS will automatically calculate monthly statutory deduction like PF, PT, ESIC and TDS . No need to maintain an excel file for the TDS submission proof Employee will upload using ESS and you will get all the data by just login in it.

Loans, Advances & Reimbursements

Using HRMS Advance and reimbursement can be applied by just a click of buttons no need for mailing to each approval authorities. Loans can be applied directly using ESS no need of any other communication mode.

Recruitment & On-boarding Assist

Using The BizHRS Recruitment Feature you can now capture staffing requirement, collaborate with the pre-defined recruitment agency, shortlist potential candidates, schedule interviews and select the applicants. We also help in Onboarding assistance like providing trainings, completing documentation parts etc.

Employee Lifecycle Letters

There are six stages of the employee lifecycle i.e. attraction, recruitment, onboarding, development, retention, and separation. At all these stages various documentation are generated easily managed at BizHRS.

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IT Declarations & Proofs

Payroll ESS helps employee to attach all the declaration at just one place and using some basic checks it also rejects the excess declarations made my employees .

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Maintain Documents & Audit Support

All the documents are maintained at one stop and continuous It related support will be provided by the BizHRS engineers.

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