Basics of HRA Individuals earning salary income, living in rented premises and having HRA as a component of salary are allowed to claim the benefit of House Rent Allowance. This can be partially or completely exempt from taxes. The allowance is for expenses related to rented accommodation.  Exemption Calculation The exemption amount is least of […]


Benefits of Payroll Software

Benefits of Payroll Software For every organization, employees are considered as its main resources. In an organization if the employees are happy, then there are better chances of those organizations to prosper. For the employees to be happy, their management should be done appropriately which can be done through a payroll processing software. The following

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Reasons to outsource payroll

Payroll processing refers to the process wherein the total payment to be made to the employees of the organization needs to be calculated and the same has to be paid to the credit of employee’s bank account on or before the salary processing date. This process of maintaining and processing the payroll seems easy at

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