Attendance Management – Made Easy with BizHRS

How difficult is the attendance management activity in any organisation? The HR or Payroll Manager will give you the deep insights into this. Maintaining the attendance data is a time-consuming activity. 

How convenient it would be for the payroll manager to get all the data at just a click of button. All the required reports could be extracted from the BizHRS attendance management module. With this module, the organisation can reduce cost and eliminate the manual and time- consuming process of maintaining the clock-in and clock-out time of employees. The employer can also keep a track of late coming, overtime and working hours of any employee at any location.

BizHRS attendance module is independent of the hardware which is used for punch-in and punch-out by the employees and can be integrated with any timekeeping system (automated, smart card, biometric, etc.)

What are the features of attendance management system?

Centralised Data:

The data of clock-in and clock-out data could be accessed from a single location for all the employees.

Easy Implementation:

All the policies could be configured for each organisation. The module bas been developed based on our extensive experience and thus reducing the customisation time for setup at each organisation.

Reduced reporting time:

With the use of this module, there is reduction in reporting time required for payroll manager to draw the desired reports.

Reduced processing time:

As the entire data is available on real time basis, there is a reduction in payroll processing time.

Reduced processing time:

As the entire data is maintained on cloud and reduced manual intervention, there is an increase in security of the entire data.

So, there a lot of benefits involved like, increased security, time savings, automation, etc. This leads to standardisation of processes. So visit Cloud Based HR Software in UAE and schedule a quick demo.